Stories and Articles

Over the course of the past 10 years I have published close to 100 short stories in print and online magazines and anthologies.

Many of my stories are very short — 1,000 words or less. This length used to be called “short-short.” Now 1,000 word stories are referred to as flash fiction. If interested, you can find many of my flash fiction stories at Farther Stars Than These, an online venue that is no longer publishing, although the archive is still available.

Another story of mine (“Bernie House”) is still available at Altered Realities.

As new stories are published, I will provide links and/or other information., I expect one of my Steampunk stories (“Clockwork Hero”) to appear soon in an upcoming anthology to be published in January 2022.

Goodreads has produced an extensive list of all the anthologies that have published my stories. My Kindle books are noted in the list as well.

“At Play in the Land Around” appears
in this print anthology.

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