The Robots

Prototype for Wifi Enabled robot using websockets to control
Autonomous Robot with obstacle detection using infrared sensors and switches

My robotics hobby.

I got back into robotics and electronics in general, resurrecting an old hobby, after about 2 years of retirement and finding myself bored with other activities., especially binging TV.

I use the Arduino class of boards, notably the Uno, the Nano, and the ESP12E.

Latest Posts

Tribute to Arrow

In 1999 we adopted a dog with a name tag that read “Arrow.” We liked the name and loved the dog, who’d been rescued from a shelter by a friend on his very last day (an extra one he’d been given past his scheduled “due date”) of life. She couldn’t keep the dog because she […]

Playing Chess

I learned to play chess when I was eight. My uncle, have just returned from a POW camp in China at the end of The Korean War, taught me. I think he learned to play in the prison camp. He once said someone had carved a complete chess set from scrap wood. He didn’t say […]

The Learning Never Stops

I’ve always been interested in learning new things, usually by reading books and magazine articles, and sometimes – rare times – by talking to experts. When I wrote a monthly column for a computer newspaper published and distributed in Chicago back in the 1980s, I had the opportunity to interview a woman who worked with […]

Success with lower case s

I didn’t start out to be an also-ran. Like hundreds of thousands of other writers, I began with every intention of becoming very rich and very famous. Life plays tricks like that, doesn’t it? Life sets up a goal or goals, organizes the competition, and then sends you out to combat the elements. While a […]


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