The Robots

Prototype for Wifi Enabled robot using websockets to control
Autonomous Robot with obstacle detection using infrared sensors and switches

My robotics hobby.

I got back into robotics and electronics in general, resurrecting an old hobby, after about 2 years of retirement and finding myself bored with other activities., especially binging TV.

I use the Arduino class of boards, notably the Uno, the Nano, and the ESP12E.

Latest Posts

Episode 2 The Shaman

Now Live! Episode 2 of “The Dybbuk Box” is on Amazon’s Vella Platform. Check back every Friday for the latest episode.

New Story Now Live at Altered Realities

Episode One of “Simple as Simple Be” is now live! On the Killing Field, Episode One, introduces us to a world wholly familiar: Man against tyrannical machines…BUT with a twist! Start reading from the very first episode and follow the adventures of Collin, a lone soldier in a tattered army.

New Story LIVE

The Kindle Vella platform has posted Episode One of “The Dybbuk Box.” Check it out! Note: if the URL doesn’t work, just go to Amazon Kindle Vella and search “In Vella” for the title. There are several stories by this title, so look for the one by ME.😀


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