The Robots

Prototype for Wifi Enabled robot using websockets to control
Autonomous Robot with obstacle detection using infrared sensors and switches

My robotics hobby.

I got back into robotics and electronics in general, resurrecting an old hobby, after about 2 years of retirement and finding myself bored with other activities., especially binging TV.

I use the Arduino class of boards, notably the Uno, the Nano, and the ESP12E.

Latest Posts

Great News

Bewildering Stories features “Water Taxi Boatman” in its quarterly review. This is a chance to catch up on one of my stories from earlier in the year.

Just Out!!!!!

Alien Dimensions #23 has just been released. My story, “Rat Face Demon Stompers,” makes its appearance. This is a fun story about human colonizers battling tiny alien monsters. Read it.

New on Vella

Just released! Chapter One of Crawford House now on Amazon’s Vella platform. New episodes will appear as they become available. For now, take advantage of the free offer to read this introductory episode. Dive into the mystery.

The Night it Rained Laughter

I grew up in my grandparents’ home with my mother and my Uncle Henry, a scowling, dark-haired, dark-eyed man with one arm. He’d lost the right one when, as a 16-year-old, he joined his friends in an adventure. It was the Great Depression. Boys needed jobs and California, it was rumored, had them. So Henry…


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