About Me

David C.

Author, Retired Tech, and someone interested in many things.


After retiring from a long and successful career as a software developer and technical
architect, I have turned to a first love: fiction of all sorts, especially SF and fantasy.
I have published stories in Farther Stars Than These, Future Syndicates II,
Martian Wave, SciFan, Bonfires and Vanities (an anthology),
and other online as well as print magazines.

In addition to my writing projects, I am interested in robotics and spend about half my time developing mobile autonomous robots using Arduino and ESP12E boards. As an adjunct to this, I have begun delving into neural nets and machine learning with the help of a couple of online courses (on Udemy).

A couple of years ago a local TV show originating from Glenview, Illinois featured me in an interview with Yvonne Wolf.

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